Friday, March 18, 2016

Student Housing- Factors to Consider When Viewing Potential Houses

So you’ve finally been accepted to college. The next important step is to find the perfect accommodation in your student community. Most students will rush and sign up for the first house they see only to get disappointed later on. You need to be smart and make an informed decision as to where you’ll stay while pursuing your studies. Here are a few factors to consider when viewing student accommodation.

1.      Moisture problems
Always look out for mold and severe dampness in the property you are viewing. Some student houses are poorly maintained and dampness is a common sign of moisture issues. Living in a damp house may not only cause health problems due to low quality air but also ruin your items such as clothes. Check the walls and ceilings for signs of moisture problems. Take note of a musky smell, the appearance of peeling paint and mold patches on the walls. Look behind the wardrobes as well for signs of dampness.

2.      Signs of pest infestation
Houses that are invaded by pests like cockroaches, rats, mice and even slugs can be a nightmare. The reality is that students can be very messy and the habit of leaving food lying around for days can slowly attract household pests. You should check out for signs of mice droppings and slug trails on the floor. If there are signs that the house is infested, it’s best to stay away.

3.      Location is key
Always consider the location of your apartment whenever you go for viewing. Find out whether the apartment or house is close to your campus, retail centers and other places like bus stops if you will be using public transport. You may opt for a location that has fewer students housing in order to stay away from the noisy house parties that are common in student communities. Ask about the security of the area.

4.      Check the electrical system
Before you pay for an apartment and move in, check whether it has a reliable electrical system. Ask whether they provide electrical appliances you’ll need to meet your needs. If you notice hanging plug sockets and loose cables, it could be a sign that there is a problem with the electrical system. Make sure they are willing to do the necessary repairs before you agree to move in.

5.      A reliable water supply
If you’ll be living with a group of friends, you need to ensure that the water supply can accommodate all your needs. Check the water volume and pressure and ensure the bathrooms are in good condition. Make sure you also look out for signs of leakage and dampness in the bathroom.

6.      Ensure there’s proper insulation

The cost of energy bills can escalate when the house is poorly insulated. Make sure that any house you intend to stay in while studying is adequately insulated. Double glazed windows, a good HVAC system and properly secured doors are evidence of good insulation.   

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